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Certificate in Healthcare Assisting (Home Health Nursing Assisting)

Certificate in Healthcare Assisting (Home Health Nursing Assisting)

What Will I Learn?

The role of home health nursing assistants is expanding due to limited hospitalization, insurance practices and patient preferences for home care versus hospital facilities. In addition to managing care for patients with chronic illnesses, many home health care Assistants have specializations such as senior or rehabilitation care. You can work for an agency or for a medical facility, such as a hospital. Your assignments will require extensive local travel to patients’ homes, unlike hospital-based nurses. Normally, you can work an eight-or-twelve-hour shift. Depending on your employer, on-call schedules might be an option as well.

You will learn Human Anatomy and Body Systems, basic Life Support and First Aid, Nutrition and Diet management, Counselling Psychology, Infection Control among others.


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December 3, 2019

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